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"Ruff" Times Drive Local Entrepreneurs to Dig for a New Bone

Mt. Prospect, IL - October 2, 2009 - If you had told entrepreneur Adam Fishman a few years ago that his business would have "gone to the dogs", he might have laughed and thought it a good joke. Yet "ruff" times create unexpected opportunities, and now it's the dogs that are coming to Fishman, or rather, specifically to his newest business, Dog Play Day Care.

Fishman first purchased his building at 301 W. Central Rd. in Mt. Prospect, with the intension to run his surplus business and a pack-n-ship store ideally located across the street from the Mt. Prospect Post Office. Soon after opening, a turn in the shipping industry encouraged Fishman to seek a new opportunity.

In 2007, Designer Shoe Outlet was open for business, inspired by his daughter’s love of shoes and his contacts in the surplus industry. Two years later business was doing well but suffered in part to the economy and DSO's location. Something had to be done.

Another entrepreneur, Dan Kearns was seeking out new opportunities. Being involved in the real eastate business and a strip center in Crystal Lake which had been suffering from vacancy for nearly two years, Kernes found an answer during a chance meeting with Fishman. Serendipity and a sluggish economy encouraged the entrepreneurs to get creative.

Fishman and Kearns agreed that the strip center was a great spot for the shoe store. The two businessmen worked out a winning deal and Fishman transferred everything over to Kearns and his wife Christine, including big red high-heel shoe which was prominently displayed on Fishmans site. The store, now called Designer Shoe Discount, is thriving in its new location on 5831 Northwest Hwy in Crystal Lake.

Fishman saw a need for quality dog day care in the NW suburbs and launched Dog Play Day Care. "All dogs are welcome to come and play, once they are properly evaluated with a behavioral temperament test given by our seasoned staff before we allow any dog to become a client," says Fishman. This way, all dogs are given a fair chance. Particular evaluation, including a review of vet records and a pet's social history, at the forefront, helps to prevent anything that can compromise dog or staff safety. "Our clients can depend on a no-appointment necessary stay, we are here early Monday – Saturday, and soon we’ll be here 24/7".

After testing, pooches who receive the "paws up" are free to scamper throughout the open and off-leash play zones. All play is supervised constantly by experienced staff. Fishman wants his canine clients to go home to their "parents" tired and happy. Owners can "look in" via the live-streaming online "doggie-cam". "Visitors can tour the whole facility anytime" says Fishman. "We want our customers to feel confident their dogs are well-cared for and safe, so we encourage visitors". The professionally equipped 6000 sq. ft. climate-controlled space in which dogs can stretch their paws or nose through the Doggie Boutique will open its outdoor dog patio area in November.

The environment is kept very tidy. Messes are cleaned promptly and the air is processed to keep odors at bay. Fishman adds, “We can accommodate many dogs for overnight stays in private, specially-designed areas that are manned twenty-four hours a day."

Contact: Adam Fishman

Dog Play Day Care
301 W. Central Road
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056


Open M-Sat. 6:30AM-6:30PM
Opening 24/7 with overnight stays

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